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Frequently Asked Questions:

Site Related Problems:

Who are you and how do I contact you?

This site was started early 2007 as an idea for a simple project, the project just kept growing to what it is now. You can use Email to contact us.
Do I need to join anything in order to listen?

No. All you need to do to listen to the feed is push play on the flash player or click one of the Listen Links on the front page. The Listen Links are made to correspond with a player that you already have installed on your computer or mobile phone.

Do I need to have a special browser to use this site?

Any Browser can view the web site. The site is designed around the most common browser that will support Flash. FireFox is recommended.


Listening Problems:

I can't see a player on the main page.

This is probably because you do not have Adobe Flash installed on your computer despite the browser you are using. It is recommended to update your browser to the above and install Adobe Flash.

Get Adobe Flash
The sound cuts in and out a lot. What do I do?

This means that either there's a lot of net congestion between you & the server (in which case you should try back later), or that your connection bandwidth isn't high enough. In Windows, on a modem connection, you can check your connection speed by clicking on the modem icon in your system tray (lower right hand part of your screen) while you're connected. If it's lower than 40kbps, you'll have problems listening to the audio stream.. You can try disconnecting & connecting again - or contact your Internet service provider for help.
The sound is distorted. It sounds like your level is too high.

I'll bet you're using Winamp, and you have one or more of the EQ sliders turned up fairly high. Am I right? Try turning the EQ off. The problem will most likely disappear. If you really need radical EQ settings, turn down the 'Preamp' slider (next to the EQ) to compensate. If you have EQ-related distortion in other players that lack a 'Preamp' control, try turning the sliders for the frequency bands that you don't want emphasized down instead of turning up the ones you do want more of. It accomplishes the same thing.

Mobile Streaming on Smartphones, etc.

Many listeners have reported that they can successfully stream on their smartphones (other than the iPhone, which does not support Adobe Flash). This will probably work best on Android Phones running a normal browser, not FireFox Mobile.

Have a question that isn't on here? Let me know and I will first try to help you then add the question to help others!
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